Soul Survivor 2018

Information, Details, Payments and Consent

Please read the following information carefully and follow each step below.

Soul Survivor B (Saturday 18th – Wednesday 22nd August 2018)

We’re really excited that you’re coming to Soul Survivor with us. To ensure that we have a great time there are a few pieces of information and admin that are important to do before we go.

When do you need to do it by? As soon as possible, and the very latest by 8th August. 

1. Read the “Our Guide to Soul Survivor” : a few reminders and essentials to bring, including useful information for parents. Our Guide to Soul Survivor ’18

2. Pay £50 per person : This covers food and other costs (i.e. van hire, gas, equipment).  You can pay online via Paypal (payment page here) or by cheque (payable to ‘CCBC Project Account’). Again, make sure it gets to Edward Ibberson asap.

3. Fill in / Complete / Return / Submit (online or print/paper version) : This must be filled out by your parent/guardian.  Please ensure that it is as accurate as possible. You can either complete the form online, or print a copy off, fill in the old fashioned way and post to Edward. If we don’t receive a completed consent form, you won’t be able to come!

Online Consent Form (

Paper Version (to download, print and complete) Soul Survivor Parental Medical Consent 2018

4. Arrange your own tent or who to share with : You’ll need something to sleep in whilst at Soul Survivor. If you have your own tent, don’t forget it (or the poles/pegs!). If you’ve not got a tent yourself you could share with someone. It’s worth noting that SS has a strict policy that there is no mixed gender tent sharing on site unless you’re married to the other person. So, even brothers and sisters cannot share the same tent.

  1. 5. Arrange your own transport!

Please make your own way to and from the East of England Showground (Peterborough Arena). Directions are available from the Soul Survivor website ( – or postcode PE2 6HE if you use Google Maps/Sat Nav etc. If you have space in your car for other young people or if you are unable to transport your young people to the event, please let us know. We will do our best to coordinate car sharing but make no promises! Contact Edward Ibberson if you need further help. Again, for emphasis, you’ll need to make and confirm your own arrangements to get there and back!

  1. 6. Arrival / Departure Times : Please let Edward know when you’re expecting to arrive and depart.

Arrive: Saturday 18th August – aim to arrive between 11am and 12pm.
Depart: Thursday 23rd August – collection at 9am.  Everything has to be completely off-site by 10am! (the event finishes late on Wednesday 22nd August, the main meeting wrapping up at about 9pm. If you’re planning to leave early from SS (i.e. Wednesday or before) it’s vital that we know when and who is picking you up. Please communicate with Edward; don’t just disappear!

When do you need to do it by? The deadline for completing the online consent form and paying £50 is Tuesday 14th  August 2018 at the very latest. We really do need all this information in good time before the event, especially for our catering team!