3rd Sunday of each month at the main church building 10:30-12:00am for all CBC young people 10-18+

? Who: 11- to 18+
? Where: at our High Street Building in Chipping Campden
? When: 10:30am -12:00, 3rd Sunday of the Month

Devoted is a monthly gathering of all our youth groups from 11- to 18+. Instead of meeting at Campden school our folks drop us of at the high church building on their way to the main adult service- and hopefully remember to pick us up again at the end. To make sure they do we supply freshly brewed coffee to tempt them back!

We aim to help each other grow in our knowledge and experience of God. We often have youth led worship, interactive prayer/discipleship activities, small groups, silly games and delicious (?) snacks!

  • Allowing God to speak to us, encourage us & challenge us: He’s flippin’ awesome like that!