Gap Year

Wanted Interns!We believe it is vital to invest in younger leaders and empower them to grow, serve, provide opportunities and mature. Therefore, we’ve created an ‘intern’ programme allowing a young adult a focussed year to learn, explore and grow whilst working alongside the leadership team at CCBC. Essentially the year will help an intern learn more about God, more about themselves and more about the world.

The first intern year started in September 2012 with 3 young adults. Callum Olorenshaw based at CCBC and 2 based at Bidford Baptist Church, Rachel Harris and Jon Hudson.

During the year we will expect an intern to be challenged, stretched, have a positive and a ‘step out in faith’ attitude, have fun, learn, reflect and develop through personal study, mentoring and teamwork. An intern will work alongside current leaders of different groups, engage with the wider community, as well as be encouraged to initiate and pioneer as Jesus leads. There will be plenty of scope for an intern to develop in their area of gifting and expertise.

PurposeIt is both possible and expected for the intern to have a part time job alongside the intern programme, both to help fund their year as well as maintain a balance between church ministry and mission in the workplace. We anticipate that this would take place on a Saturday, though possibly one other session in the week.

At some point in the year we expect to offer the interns an overseas mission experience.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or to explore becoming an intern at CCBC please contact Edward Ibberson.

Gap Year Programme


Training & Developing Gifts, Character & Leadership

Led and taught by Edward Ibberson, Philip Deller and others from the Cornerstone Churches. The training and teaching will cover a range of topics and areas from biblical studies and theology, character and holiness, leadership and team work.

Utilising a range of methods and formats; self directed study (reading and personal reflection), taught material (in person and through multi-media), training through trying, and encouragement through direct engagement and mentoring.

  • FaithAreas covered will include Jesus, the Bible, Hearing the Voice of God, Kingdom Theology and Advancing the Kingdom (Church and World).
  • to be interspersed with Growing Leaders Material (CPAS – James Lawrence) and other material from in house or invited contributors.