Chillout Zone & Dover’s Games

Cotswold Olympicks

Chillout Zone & Dover’s Games

Chillout Zone logoA few years ago, the young adult group, Kinetic, was looking for a way to step out in faith, be pro-active in serving our community and sharing our faith. We struck upon the idea of running the“Chillout Zone” on the evening of the Cotswold’s Olympick’s at Dover’s Hill and in Campden.

scroll down for photos, video and more on the Chillout Zone, Dover’s Games and shin kicking!

We transform the High Street church building into the Chillout Zone… which includes ambient lighting, live music, projected images, and FREE tea, toast, hot chocolate, coffee AND give away about 2000 lollipops (a symbolic token of God’s love and a simple but easy way to engage in conversations).

Why? After the festival and events on the hill hundreds of people descend into Campden for a band in the square and drinking from about 10pm to 1am. The Chillout Zone is a way of connecting with this large crowd, to serve them, love them and take opportunity to witness about Jesus.

The church always looks amazing – and elicited responses from guests of  “this church is cool” and “are you sure we’re allowed in” to “I’ve never been into a church that looks like this“.

The event is run by a committed, enthusiastic and hugely creative team of young adults and older teens. Great fun, hard work and fantastic to engage with people we’d rarely connect with.

The Cotswold’s Olympick’s are famous for the World Shin Kicking Tournament.

We generally enter a Cell Youth Team into the Cotswold Olympick Games and compete successfully against other hopefuls! Team Chillout were winners in 2012 (on the 400th anniversary of the Games) and in 2010. Below are a few photos.