CAP Money Course

Make Your Money Work Harder for YOU!

We all have a limited amount of money so doing something which will make it work harder for us should be a “no brainer”.   Most of us waste some/lots by not having a tight control on our spending.  As part of our service to you, the community, we’d like to invite you to come on a free, simple and fun course which will show you how to get the most out of what you’ve got.

For some this will be a way to create spare to buy something you’ve always wanted but has got away from you.   For others, it will be a way to dig yourselves out of an overdraft/credit card.          Of course, you could just keep going on the way you are ……….

Held over 3 evenings (March 7, 21 and 28) from 7pm until 9.30pm at Chipping Campden Library.   Strictly limited numbers so please book your place.

The CAP Money Course – presented by Chipping Campden Baptist Church.  For more details contact Martin Pleasance on 07966 159037 or email at

CAP Money Course

CAP Money Course


For more information contact Martin by email or call 07966 159037.

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What people have said….

I found the CAP Money Course a great tool to help with budgeting. It has helped me have control over my finances rather than them having control over me.” Kate (CAP Money Course Delegate)

Since completing the CAP Money Course, I have used the budget, save, spend model to get a grip on my finances. I was able to go on holiday for the first time in years, pay for Christmas and even pay for my wedding!” Mark (CAP Money Course Delegate)