Serving our Community

CCBC has been a worshipping, witnessing and serving community in Chipping Campden for over 350 years. We firmly believe that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord, and as such, is always Good News. In the New Testament, Jesus always coupled proclaiming the Kingdom of God with active and practical expressions of love; including healing the sick, bringing release to captives, feeding the hungry and restoring dignity.

We are part of His church continuing the work and ministry of Jesus, and we want to share the gospel with compassion, generosity and serve our community. Indeed, the origin of the word “ministry” has its root in words meaning to “serve, be of service, administer, attend, or wait on.”

Every month we have many “ministries”; ways of serving, caring and showing practical expressions of God’s love. These include Foodbank, Coffee & Chat, the Care Café, Dance Fusion, Solid Ground Choir and Street Pastors.