Reaching the Nations

“The great commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed” – Hudson Taylor

A key aspect of our church vision is Reaching the Nations.

Not only are we engaged in serving, loving and witnessing locally but also mindful that Jesus commands us to go and make disciples in every nation, people group and ethnic group (Matthew 28:19-20). It’s easy to get focused on the day to day and the local and fail to remember the Gospel is for the whole world.

Chris & Cristina Hands are our Reaching the Nations Co-ordinators. Having had first hand experience as missionaries serving overseas, they are both experienced and passionate about promoting and supporting mission beyond the UK. Chris describes himself as “a motivator and encourager for World Mission.

As part of our vision and commitment to world mission and reaching the nations, as a church we’ve chosen to focus our attention and efforts on specific places and links. Rather than just praying broadly for ‘the world’ and sending money to a multitude of organisations and projects, we’ve opted to build genuine relationship with specific places and people in order to pray meaningfully, develop partnerships in the Kingdom over time, and share in the ongoing joys and challenges of mission with brothers and sisters across the world.

Our links and partners are

  • in India, working with Agape Alive in India
  • in Romania, working with Ecce Homo
  • in Turkey, supporting outreach, Christian witness and ministry.
  • with BMS World Mission
  • with Hope For Justice campaigning against modern day slavery and sexual exploitation
  • with Open Doors raising awareness and supporting the persecuted church

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Over the last few years we’ve seen a growing desire in the congregation to look outwards and overseas. It’s a true blessing to be in a fellowship that not only gives financially to overseas mission, but also offers the opportunity to young and old to experience and partake in overseas mission trips. We thank God for our partners in the Gospel in Romania, India, Turkey and Brasil that gave many the opportunity to GO in the name of God, to encourage, serve, teach and learn.

“Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” – William Carey

Why bother with Overseas Mission?

“The Bible is not the basis of missions; missions is the basis of the Bible” – Ralph Winter, missiologist

“To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map.” – William Carey

As a church we’ve intentionally focussed on a few overseas links and projects. However, within the congregation there are also many individuals who are involved with a wide range of Christian charities and overseas mission agencies.

We’re also praying for God to speak clearly to individuals and place a call on their lives to serve overseas as midterm to long term missionaries.