Cornerstone United Football

Cornerstone United Football Badge/LogoMany of today’s great premiership football sides began as church teams. CCBC’s offering to this tradition comes in the guise of Cornerstone United. ( The team was created by Pete Berryman who wanted to combine his passion for helping people find out about Jesus with his lifelong love of football. The team plays most Saturday mornings and in various cup competitions.

The Cotswold Churches League has provided a fantastic environment for the team to play competitive football on Saturday mornings.

On the pitch the team has been incredibly successful winning the League title twice & the Cup three times in the last four seasons. Victories on the field have been great, indeed the team are very competitive, but it is the strong friendships that have been forged from it that have been the greatest achievement.

How do I get involved?

Tuesday evenings….

Training 7-8pm : Evesham High School

Homegroup 8-10pm : various venues

The Club’s founder and original manager, Peter Berryman, always insisted that playing football in the right spirit, showing respect to the opposition and each other was at the heart of the teams ethos. Under such guidance the team continued to grow, along with winning trophies, began its own house group some three years ago at the hospitality of Jo & Mark Waterhouse in Evesham. The group continues to thrive with a dozen attending regularly after training on Tuesday nights.

Young Football TalentAs the team has evolved, with the emergence of new young talent, some of the older members had been finding it difficult to get a game. So in 2012 Cornerstone United Vets was formed and enjoyed three game series in the National Vets cup. As with the first team the camaraderie and banter were what made these games special and we look forward to embarking on another cup venture next season.

Vets Secretary / Manager Steve Berryman
(0782 344 8007)

Being a Christian is not a prerequisite of playing for the team or being part of the house group. However, Cornerstone United is a Christian team but we are not exclusive and non-Christians have always been welcomed; they are fully part of who the team are and the mutual respect from the non-Christian team members of the Christian beliefs of those who run the team and attend CCBC & Stour Valley churches has always been part of the teams success. Since the start of the team several have come to faith, begun to follow Jesus and have been baptised.

Through the year we look for as many opportunities as possible to have social events, whether that be sharing a pint, watching football, going for an Indian, playing golf or having games night around founding member George Workman’s.

We hope that the team will continue to flourish on and off the pitch in years to come and maintain the environment of openness & friendship that has been fundamental to Cornerstone United’s success. A newcomer to the team, without knowing the background and ethos of the team, commented on how “there was a special atmosphere surrounding the team that he had never witnessed before.

A game of footballManager : James Berryman
(0788 905 2805)

Secretary : Paul Collier
(0782 344 8010)