People’s Stories


We love Jesus here. But many people wonder why?

We are a Christian community who believe passionately in following Jesus, putting Him first in our lives (as individuals and as a church) and encouraging others to believe in Him too. Jesus is the Saviour and Lord of everyone, and we become His followers by putting our faith and trust in Him and turning from life without Him to life with Him.

Every member of our church can tell their own personal story about discovering Jesus as they realisied they needed to begin a new life. Each story is different and unique; some people have dramatic conversion stories and can tell you clearly when they became a Christian, others have grown up in a Christian environment and gradually understand what having a personal faith in Jesus means. Some become Christians as children, and others become disciples in later stages of their life. However, common to all these stories is the truth that God loves us, invites us to know and follow Him, and transforms our lives. Jesus brings restored life, wholeness, peace, hope, purpose and forgiveness.

Amazing Grace

Below are some stories of how people have discovered Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord, and the difference following Jesus makes to their life.

Chris Hands’ Story

A local lad who was into clubbing and the party life style but Jesus gave him a new direction. Whilst working in relief and development Chris was evacuated by the Italian army from Albania in 1997 as the country descended into civil war after a coup.  Chris also worked in Kosovo after the war in 2002 helping a charity rebuild people’s lives and hope.

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One of our congregation says “I was always a very bubbly, positive, enthusiastic person and from childhood believed in God. Then my brother, father and gran died in close succession. I experienced broken relationships and two failed marriages. I felt abandoned, rejected and my spirit was crushed; I couldn’t bounce back on my own and lost faith in God being real. Then I learnt about Jesus and felt I could hand my life over to him to see if he could make a better job of it; I had nothing to lose anymore. He gave me hope, a future and made sense of my life.

Lloyd Griffiths

A former Nuclear Engineer in Her Majesty’s Submarine Service. Lloyd had it all and yet life was empty – so much so he came very close to ending it all.

Now his life is drastically changed as he knows his meaning and purpose in life.

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A man from our church tells his story… “I always felt there was something more to life, somehow out of reach. I was selfish, self-centred, searching for fulfilment in worldly things; music, drinking, drugs. When I understood what Jesus had done I knew that God was the thing that I’d been striving for all my life. That restless yearning now made sense. I became less selfish. I stopped swearing overnight! Instead of being critical of people, I now try to see the positive in everyone. My life was changed by that decision to learn more about Jesus, making sense of the world through his love and his teaching.

Again, in his own words, the story of Jesus at work, “I never considered myself a bad person, yet I lied and I stole. I thought I was a good person but I coveted wealth and blasphemed the name of God. God showed me the sinfulness of my sin and that one day there would be a day of reckoning. I’m so grateful he loved me as I was, but didn’t want me to stay as I was. I spent my life seeking to satisfy my desires, I was trapped. Yet God gave me my freedom, when He died on the Cross taking my sin upon himself. I now live in thankfulness.