Alpha theguardianAlpha is for everyone… who wants to explore life’s BIG questions.

Alpha includes… food, and a short talk about Christian faith, and time to share your thoughts.

There is no pressure, follow up or charge (it is free!).

“Don’t believe in God?”
“Given up on Church?”
“Just Curious?”
“Is Alpha for Me?”

In a word “Yes”

Our next course begins on Thursday 8th March. The course runs for 8 weeks meeting in the High Street Building. Each evening starts at 7:30pm and finishes at 10pm.

If you’d like to join the next Alpha Course please sign up, either using the online form or filling in a paper copy (availabe at CCBC) and return to Philip Deller.

Alpha Stats 2016

Alpha Stats 2016

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Exploring Life : Finding Meaning

Is there more to life than this?



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