Bloxham Baptist Church

Bloxham Baptist ChurchLoving Jesus, loving people, offering hope and fulfilment in Christ.

There has been a congregation of Baptist Christians meeting in Bloxham since 1662, some 50 years after the founding of the first Baptist Church in England. The current church building was built in 1862 and its most recent renovation was completed in 2001. The morning congregation has outgrown the church building, so they gather at the Warriner School on Sunday mornings.


Bloxham Baptist Church,
Hawke Lane,
OX15 4PY

and on Sunday mornings at 10.30

The Warriner School
Bloxham Grove Road
OX15 4LJ

The minister, Rev Mike Tydeman writes, “God is good. And he is for us, not against us. He cares about each of us, regardless of our past, and he wants what is good for us. This is why he gave his son, Jesus, to die for us and through his resurrection begin his work of new creation. Every day God’s kingdom is advancing as people choose to worship God and honour Jesus Christ as Lord and King.

I truly believe that the local church is the hope for our world. We cannot sit back and expect the government, either locally or nationally, to be the solution for society’s challenges. It doesn’t matter how materially rich we are as a community and nation, if we are spiritually poor we will not enjoy the quality of life that God wants for us all.

My heart for the local church is that we would grow in our worship and service to God and become more like Christ, and through loving Jesus and loving people, others might know the hope and fulfilment that Jesus offers them and find spiritual enrichment through a relationship with God.

When we are obedient to God, the potential of the local church to make an impact for good in our community and beyond is huge.”

Directions to their Sunday morning venue