Who’s Who

We believe that serving and leading are not just for the few but for Christian disciples who are have a passion and are gifted as members of the church. We have a range of ministries, opportunities and ways of serving. Below are some of our leaders and those who head up particular teams.

For information on any of the following aspects of the life of the church contact the relevant person identified below. Contact details are in the CCBC Directory (password is required).

The list is not comprehensive, and things change – if you can’t find the area you’re looking for please contact info@campdenbaptist.org.uk

Alpha – Philip Deller
Alpha Food – Maralyn Harvey
Audio/Visual – Alan Slough
Baptism – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
Bible Reading Notes – Joy Drew
Building fabric – Mick Hutchings
Coffee and Chat – Tooty Gibbs
Care Cafe – Tooty Gibbs
Care Team – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
CCBC Women – Debs Butler
Children’s Ministry – Kate Irvine
Coffee Rota – Alan Slough
Coffee & Refreshment supplies – Alan Slough
Community Engagement – Edward Ibberson & Joy Dimond
Computer Visuals – Alan Slough
Cornerstone – Philip Deller
Crèche – Kate Irvine
Designated Person for Safeguarding – Gill Woods
– Philip Deller / Edward Ibberson / Alan Slough
Directories – Alan Slough
Finance – Martyn Jackson
Foodbank – Tooty Gibbs
Football – Steve Berryman
Gap Year Training – Edward Ibberson
Golf – Chris Hands & Steve Berryman
Healing – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
Health and Safety – Alan Slough & Mick Hutchings
Heating – Chris Hands
Homegroups – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
Internships – Edward Ibberson
Insurance – Alan Slough
Junior Church – Kate Irvine
Kitchen Supplies – Mick Hutchings
Membership – Alan Slough
Musicians – Henry Salmon
Prayer – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
Reaching the Nations – Chris & Cristina Hands
Refresh – Jane Corner
Refresh Crèche – Jane Corner
Room Booking – Alan Slough
Safeguarding & DBS Checks – Gill Woods & Sara Oram
Secretary – Alan Slough
Sermon Recordings – Alan Slough
Services – Philip Deller & Edward Ibberson
Shoe Box Appeal – Pam McMillan & Tooty Gibbs
Sound Desk – Alan Slough
Students – Edward Ibberson
Treasurer – Martyn Jackson
Website – Edward Ibberson & Alan Slough
Welcome Team – Alan Slough
Worship Co-ordinator – Henry Salmon
Young People – Tim Crummack
Youth Cell (Yr8+) – Tim Crummack

anything else… try Alan Slough

Serve God