Believer’s Baptism is an expression of your faith in Jesus Christ, and is for all who believe that Jesus Christ died for their sin and love him in return.

Why be baptised?

  • Jesus asks us to
  • Jesus was baptised
  • It was the practice of the early church
  • It is a witness to your faith.

What happens?

Baptisms happen as part of a Sunday service, either at the school or in the High Street Building.

Why do it in this way?

Baptism in the New Testament involved fully immersing someone in water, usually a nearby river. Jesus instructed his disciples to baptise believers (Matt 28:19).

Do I need to be baptised to become a church member?

No, baptism by full immersion as a believer is not a requirement for Church Membership. However, if you have not been baptised as a believer we would encourage you to think seriously about it, as many describe it as a time when God has touched their lives in a very special way.

I am not sure, who should I talk to?

One of our ministers will be glad to discuss it with you.

I would like to be baptised, how do I go about it?

Just speak to one of our ministers who will be pleased to explore and explain some of the Scripture and pray with you.