Church Life

Church Life at CCBC is essentially about people; not structures, procedures or institutions. Someone once described church as, “the only organisation in the world which exists for the benefit of those who don’t yet belong to it.

These pages will give you a sense of our ethos and something of what makes us ‘tick’ (e.g. Worship, Vision, Baptism, Membership, Church Vision Meetings etc.). Please chat to one of our leaders if you want to know more.

In any given week or month, there’s a lot happening at CCBC. The ‘Ministries section of the website describes these in more detail.

We are committed to making Jesus known and proclaiming the Good News. A major focus of our church life is having a culture of invitation; actively inviting our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to special events (e.g. sporting events, meals, one-off’s, a men’s breakfast or women’s event, or Sunday services).

Come as you are

As a local Baptist Church we have strong links and partnerships with other Christians and organisations in the UK and further afield. These include…

Cornerstone Churches Freshstreams New Wine

CCBC is part of the Southern Counties Baptist Association and a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and is also affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance.

Southern Counties Baptist Association Baptist Union of Great BritainEvangelical Alliance